Monday, 18 November 2013

Collecting Autumn Treasures

Autumn is my very favourite season and I love collecting all the treasures that nature has to offer at this time of year.

So much so that my autumn wedding featured pinecone table centrepieces, I had twigs in my bouquet, and if I had thought of some way that I could have included conkers in the day then I would have!

I had been searching high and low for horse-chestnut trees in our hometown so that we could introduce Poppet to the joy of conker hunting, but to no avail. On holiday however, we came across a treasure trove of conker trees, which I was far too excited about to be considered normal.

We had help from some friends and together managed to collect a massive amount of shiny, jewel-like conkers. It was so hard to drag myself away from those trees, there was so many conkers on the ground just begging to be picked up! Poppet also liked using the leaves as umbrellas.

In the words of my brother, "it's like we're rich"! 

We also collected some lovely autumn leaves, in reds and browns and yellows and greens.

I've turned one of our windowsills into a display area for objects relating to the current season/celebration. Last month we had a Halloween themed display. This month's is Autumn. I picked out some books with an autumn theme and some fabrics in autumnal colours, and tried to arrange them in an inviting way. I also included all the autumn treasures we have collected - acorns, pinecones, conkers, leaves - plus some apples (real and wooden), tractors and Poppet's painted pumpkin.

Our Halloween and Autumn displays have both been really popular so I will definitely be continuing with this. Poppet is always spontaneously taking items from them to use in her play, and the apples don't last long as she eats them!

Poppet: 2yrs 10mos
Little: 1yr 1mos


  1. The window display is a fantastic idea! I have been reading about sensory boxes ect and may have to steal this idea!

    1. thanks! please do, I've seen some great 'nature tables' around but the windowsill works great for us as it is out of the baby's reach but my toddler can access it x

  2. I love the idea of displaying items from a particular season/event. Wow, you found a LOT of conkers!

    1. can you find too many conkers?! (my husband says yes!)

  3. Such a fun way of learning about the seasons, not only being hands on in collecting the treasures but then expanding Poppets learning at home. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  4. Conkers are amazing aren't they, like real treasure! Love your nature items and the seasonal display, so glad I found your blog :) xx

  5. We love autumn too. Love getting out, all the beautiful colours and treasures to collect and then things to make with them.
    Looks like you had a good time.

  6. it really is a beautiful time of year, but it is over so fast! i had had grand plans to make things with our conkers but never managed it, next year!


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