Thursday, 30 January 2014

Crayon Resist Thank You Cards

January is a busy month for thank you cards here, with Christmas and then very shortly thereafter Poppet's birthday. In the past we have made cards out of doodles the girls have made, hand prints, foot prints, even bum prints! This year I decided to make some crayon resist art with Poppet and turn it into cards. It was really simple and she loved making them (It was also good for helping her recognise the number 3!).

I made lots of cards from cream card and with a white crayon drew number 3s, letters, and a few hearts to mix things up a bit. They have shown up a bit on the above picture because of the flash on the camera but you couldn't actually see the crayon at all so as far as Poppet was aware these were blank cards.

I gave her the pile of cards, a little palette of watercolour paints and a bowl of water (the bowl of water had to be changed often because it kept getting 'dirty').

Poppet painted the first card, and as before her very eyes a number 3 appeared, she was very excited and proud of herself! As each card revealed something she would call me through to look at it "look mum I did another three!' or "I did an S for dandad!" (Dandad is called Stephen so she is not entirely wrong!). Eventually when she saw the image come through the paint she would try very hard to colour it in with the paintbrush- sometimes her vigorous painting efforts would win over the repelling effects of the crayon!

She sat at the desk painting every card, and there were quite a few as we have big families! Sometimes I have to cajole her to continue when making cards but not this time. Crayon resist added a little bit of magic to her painting and was a bit hit!

Poppet: 3yrs
Little: 16 mos


  1. This is a sweet idea. I think I'll do a little crayoning and painting this weekend with Boo now - you've inspired me!


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