Sunday, 26 January 2014

Cinderella Spotting at Storybook Glen

Castle spotting!

As Poppet is so in love with all things of a Royal nature at the present moment ( castles, Princesses, crowns, etc.. ) we thought the ideal day trip out for her birthday would be to visit Storybook Glen in Aberdeenshire. It is a large 28 acre park filled with characters and buildings from nursery rhymes and fairytales. Most importantly for us, it has a few castles and Princesses, including Poppet's favourite, Cinderella!

Approaching Sleeping Beauty's Castle

This is a place I used to visit as a child and have fond memories of, so I was apprehensive before going as I thought this might be another one of those times where my rosy childhood memories clash with a less-rosy reality when revisited as an adult (I'm looking at you Flamingo Land). I need not have worried. Storybook Glen was still great for an outdoor adventure.

On a very cold January morning, the park was deserted so we had the place to ourselves. Poppet tried to throw money into the wishing well but it was frozen solid so her coin just bounced over the surface!

Poppet meeting her idol

The highlight for Poppet was when she caught sight of Cinderella and her carriage, although she approached cautiously, asking 'Where's the mother?" as she was worried Cinderella's evil stepmother might jump out on her. Once reassured the stepmother wasn't there she couldn't wait to climb onboard the pumpkin carriage. She similarly did not want to go near the 'Old woman who lived in a shoe' because 'she smacks bums' & started crying when we walked past the 'Wicked Witch of the West'. She's a delicate soul!

Although Poppet may look serious and nonplussed at the experience, I can assure you this was the greatest moment in her life thus far

We had brought hot chocolate in a flask along with scooshy cream and mini marshmallows and she was delighted to be sitting in the carriage with her favourite hot drink while poor Dada, Nana and Little shivered outside waiting for her to finish ( I had forgotton to bring more than one cup!).

Afterwards, she happily posed for a picture with Cinderella.

We managed to squeeze in a few more fairytales before a cold and hungry Little decided it was time to go home. Sleeping Beauty's castle looked very lovely....


And Poppet was most concerned for her welfare...


Poppet: 3 yrs!
Little: 15 mos

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  1. A little girl's dream come true to be among Princesses and sit in Cinderella's carriage. What a wonderful birthday treat and I'm sure she had a fantastic time. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    1. She really did! It was a lovely morning despite the coldness! Xx

  2. I've been there with my 2 a few years ago! They loved it

    1. It's a great place isn't it?! Can't wait to go back when it's a bit warmer so we can spend longer there! X


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