Wednesday 15 May 2013

Water Bottle Skittles

We got caught in a hail shower on our way home from toddler group yesterday, but after lunch the sun made an appearance and it was a lovely day again so Poppet and I played some garden games while Little slept.

We brought out a basket full of all the balls that we own and a collection of plastic bottles from the recycling to play skittles with. Our garden has a long sloping path down it and Poppet has always like throwing balls down it.

We filled the bottles up with water from the outside tap and using the watering can and funnel. This in itself was a game for her!

We then put them at the bottom of the path and Poppet starting flinging balls at them. It was too easy with the footballs, every throw was on target. But she found it harder with the smaller lighter balls. So she preferred to stick to the footballs! Every hit was met with an excited scream and shouting for mummy to "pick up the bottle!".

This was repeated many times. Bottles refilled. Repeated many times again. Felt slightly guilty about the waste of water but this was quickly outweighed by toddler laughter. Also this is Scotland we have no shortage!

We rolled the balls down the slide as well.

When we were all skittled out I told her to use the leftover water to water her garden, so she gave her sweetcorn plants a wee water.

Then the heavens opened up again and we made a dash to the greenhouse for shelter. The hailstones sounded pretty loud in there. This is her amazed face!

One Perfect Day


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