Thursday, 9 May 2013

Foot Spa Water Play

In this house, any kind of water play is always going to be a winner. I decided to use this to my advantage to squeeze in a sneaky foot soak this afternoon. All this sandal wearing weather recently has highlighted the sad state of my feet and I have a lovely pot of peppermint, tea tree and rosemary Epsom foot soak that has been calling out to me. We're all a bit under the weather with colds so could do with a bit of pampering!

We already had lots of towels down as Little has a nappy rash so is getting lots of no nappy time. I gave the two of them their own bowl of warm water and a few foot spa type things to play with - toe separators, a nail brush and nail shiner (brand new ones!).

This was the first time Little had experienced water play, but being as she is such a big fan of the bath I knew she would love it. She would have crawled into it if she could.


Poppet started off using the toe separators as a comb for Little, proudly exclaiming how pretty she looked afterwards! 

She also wanted to copy mama and brought her little chair over so she could sit with her feet in the water. She then decided the toe separators were cleaning implements and set about washing her chair legs.....

And finally dolly got in on the act and had a foot soak too

While all this distracting water play was going on I had a chance to sit with my feet in a nice hot tub of lovely smelling water. All the wet towels and children were worth it!


  1. Aren't children creative - finding uses for things you wouldn't even think of!

  2. I know! It reminded me of the little mermaid's fork hairbrush!


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