Friday, 24 May 2013

Textile Basket

In Little's baby play book that we were given by the Health Visitor, there was a suggested play activity of giving your baby different materials to feel and explore while you are doing your ironing. As a variation on this I gathered a selection of different textured fabrics from around the house, filled up the washing basket with them, and gave it to both girls to play freely with. There was a crochet coaster, a teatowel, a rough dishcloth, a chamois, a mosquito net, an LCD cleaning cloth, a set of rainbow scarves, a silk pillowcase, a muslin cloth and a woollen hat.

The rainbow scarves were a big hit, Poppet took great delight covering her sister in them. Little found this hilarious.

Poppet loved trying out all of the different colours .It was great practice for her learning her colours, she knows 'pink' (oh how my mission to not gender stereotype has failed!) but her other colours can be hit or miss.

Little modelling the mosquito net, which, for some reason, Poppet says is 'mummy's dress'. I don't own any white dresses, but I am guessing she is saying that because of our wedding photos that she has seen! Not very complimentary of my wedding dress though. But it's amazing what they observe.

Poppet also loved throwing the scarves into the air as they floated to the ground very slowly.

A whole morning was spent playing with the basket. Mostly the rainbow scarves although Poppet also spent quite a lot of time using the crochet coaster as a breastpad. Ahem.

Little wearing the woollen hat (placed there by her sister).

Poppet:2yrs 4mos


  1. Make her a kiddies washing line & pegs so she can put the washing out with mama & run under the rainbow scarves!!! I want to come & play!

    1. Aha! If you could only see her play garden just now - two bamboo canes ready to make her a washing line! I need a way to attach some string/rope or something......


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