Thursday, 16 May 2013

Playdough Spiders

Poppet has a thing for spiders just now. She is constantly pointing out "inchy spiders!" to me which gives me a little panic until I discover it is actually a fly she can see. Then there was the incident with the massive spider we discovered in the bathroom that I bravely captured. I set it down in a plastic tub at the top of the stairs, ready to set free outside once we were dressed. I was busy dressing Little, then came out of my bedroom to be greeted by an empty tub and a gleeful Poppet, proudly informing me that "Inchy Spider" was in her bedroom now. He never was found. So with her love of spiders in mind I set out an invitation to play with playdough spiders. There was playdough, goggly eyes and pipe cleaners, plus one spider that I made earlier.

She started off by getting the spider to crawl all over her little sister.

Of course all this had to be done while 'Inchy Winchy Spider' was playing in the background on a loop. That wasn't annoying at all.

She starting trying to make a spider of her own. Apparently this was mummy spider. We talked about how many legs spiders have. She still counts "1,2,3,4,9"! We also then had to make a daddy spider.

We made a water spout from some toilet tubes secured with playdough. The spiders each had a turn dutifully climbing up then being washed out in time with the song. She had a great time.

Poppet: 2yrs 4 mos
Little: 7 mos

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