Sunday, 5 May 2013

Playing with shells

We picked a few shells up on a daytrip to the beach (it was very windy!) and also bought a bag from the garden centre so we have quite a collection now. I put a few out on Poppet's table along with a few pine cones, coloured pens, playdough ( I hoped it would look sand-like but it is actually a bread dough playdough) and an underwater colouring-in scene to let her experiment and play with the shells in whatever way she wanted.

Monkey of course was on hand to help.

She liked sticking the 'unicorn' shells into the playdough (I don't know their real name!). Then it was onto some colouring in.

She then progressed onto colouring in the shells using the playdough to stop them slipping - clever totty!

After this she starting asking for 'paint!" very urgently. Not one to refuse a creative genius at work, I obliged. Pink glitter paint was her medium of choice. She started off using a razor shell instead of a brush - I'm not sure this was such a good idea. Eventually she conceded and switched to a brush.

Painstakingly covering the shell in paint.

The finished masterpiece

Pretty shells!

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