Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Safari Sand Play

We have just received a little bag of play animals in the post via Ebay and put them to use straightaway, creating this safari small world play scene in the quite frankly under-used sand pit. I was quite surprised at Poppet's animal knowledge, she could name most of them. All the hours spent reading 'Dear Zoo', 'Animal Alphabet' etc... have obviously paid off.

I buried a plastic box filled with water under the sand to create a 'watering hole', stuck some greenery and flowers in and added a couple of rocks to create the scene. Together we picked out the safari type animals. She took a lot of convincing that the cow was not appropriate.

Notice how Poppet is attempting to have as little of her feet as possible in contact with the sand. The little weirdo.

She wanted lifted out and preferred to play with the animals from outside the sandpit. Predictably, most of the animals ended up dying a watery death at the bottom of the watering hole.

Yes, she got her own way with the cow. Some arguments just aren't worth it

Then there was a lot of 'raining'. Somehow it always ends up as water play!

Poppet: 2yrs 4 mos
Little: 7 mos


  1. The cow and pigs made it in!

    1. Haha yes she got her way in the end!


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