Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Spice Up Kitchen Play

Poppet got a play kitchen for her 2nd Birthday and it is one of her very favourite toys. However I find that it can be left languishing a bit if it isn't kept inviting, so every now and then I give it a quick tidy up and introduce a couple of new elements for open-ended play. On this occasion I introduced mini-pompoms and cinnamon sticks.  I also laid out an ice cube tray, her little sieve and tongs, and china cups and saucers. 

Straight away she decided to make 'hot chocolate', and took a cupful of pompoms over to her little hob. She carefully added them one by one to her saucepan with a spoon (she had even switched the hob on!) and used the cinnamon stick as a stirrer. I was pretty impressed she knew how to make hot chocolate (I always make it on the hob so she has obviously been taking note!).


She made a cup especially for mama........

And another one for Little!

After that she then began 'making marshmallows'....

that were carefully placed in the oven. She even used her oven glove to get them out again.

The whole day she kept going back to do some kitchen play so the pompoms and cinnamon really sparked her imagination. 

Poppet: 2yrs 4 months
Little: 7 mos


  1. Love seeing children having 'kitchen play'. She clearly had a lovely day of play, and wasn't she thoughtful to her little sister!


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