Thursday, 26 September 2013

Shredded Paper


Just what it sounds like really. Inspired by the shredded paper sensory activity onboard the Play Talk Read bus, I made our own one at home. I filled up a box with shredded paper and added a pack of artificial pink petals and some 'treasures' to find in amongst it all (just some small toys). As it turns out, the petals and treasures were completely unnecessary as they were completely ignored. Honestly, all the girls wanted was a big box of shredded paper. 

Over the last three days they have come back to this box time and time again. We did start off with a smaller plastic box but have gravitated towards the larger cardboard one because they like to get in with the paper.

It has become a car, a bath and a bed. They don't seem to be getting bored with it! Sometimes I find piles in places, like in the back of Poppet's car, or neatly placed on top of the sofa, and wonder what they were thinking of. 

It invariably ends up everywhere but Poppet is quite helpful in tidying it up (Little, not quite so), and it is not so hard to gather together in handfuls and pop back into its box as it is in long strands and not little pieces. So, in conclusion, it makes your house looks very messy but is quickly rectified.  

I do have to spend quite a bit of time pulling shreds out from Little's mouth; her tendency to eat anything and everything is showing no sign of waning yet. 

Poppet: 2yrs 8mos
Little: 11mos

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