Saturday, 19 October 2013

Decorating Peg People

I bought a wooden peg people family a while ago; they have been used occasionally in play-dough play but I thought they would get a lot more use if we gave them a bit of a character and so one day we set upon them with our felt tip pens. Poppet loved having something new that she was allowed to draw on and spent a very long time trying to colour in every inch of bare wood and draw a face on it. She didn't really deviate from using the purple pen, so we ended up with a purple-haired and purple-dressed daddy one and little boy one. The other three were my handiwork which you obviously already deduced from the far superior art work.

We just used our washable felt tip pens which means that the colours tend to smudge and transfer when handled by dribbling, sticky-handed children. But the family is still fit for purpose. Maybe when she is a bit older we could try using fine-tip permanent markers, and scraps of fabrics and glue to clothe them.

I was instructed to draw the face on the daddy one, where she specified to make him 'sad' and to 'put glasses on' him. I prefer to think that this was due to her creative and imaginative mind rather than  because of any deep-seated issues.

Our little weird looking family

One day I would love to create a peg people version of our entire families for the girls to use in their play, like this one! Little peg Nana and Grandad, peg Grandma and Papa, and all of their many aunties and uncles. I think it would be very cute and funny to watch the imaginary scenarios that they would come up with! Although at this stage I think it would mostly consist of Poppet pleading with her sister "don't eat Uncle Mike!"

Poppet: 2yrs 9 mos
Little: 1yr

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