Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Monster Playdough

This was more halloween based fun and a really easy activity that kept Poppet happy for ages. Instead of monsters another idea would be to make playdough spiders

For this activity I put out the halloween playdough that we made recently along with some pipe cleaners, feathers and goggly eyes. Goggly eyes are one of Poppet's favourite crafting supplies, she just loves them and they are really cute.

Mummy Monster

The first monster she created was a 'mummy' one and this was followed by a 'daddy' one and then two cute little baby ones. It is funny how she always exactly replicates our family unit!  Poppet is very methodical with her goggly eye use now - she makes sure she picks two eyes the same size for each face, and is careful to give the babies little eyes and the adults big eyes (with the daddy having the biggest eyes and the mummy slightly smaller ones). She refused point blank to add a third eye on to any of her monsters, no thanks, I'm not falling for that one mum.

Daddy Monster

She stuck feathers in and declared that they were wings and her monsters could fly. She chose to use the pipe cleaners as mouths.  For the baby monsters she very carefully selected the very smallest feathers. It was also very important that the babies were given 'cots' and 'highchairs'.

Baby Monsters 

I found it interesting to compare Poppet's monsters to one she created much earlier in the year; she was much less strict with her eye usage back then! This particular monster had three eyes (third one is at the back) and two lollipop stick arms on top of his head.

Poppet: 2 yrs 9 mos
Little: 1yr

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