Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Jam Jar Pumpkins!

As soon as I saw this idea on Red Ted Art I made a mental note to try it ourselves. It combines two of Poppet's loves - glue and candles - so I knew it would capture her interest.

To make your pumpkin lantern, you will need a clean jam jar, orange tissue paper, black paper, a tea light candle (real or battery powered), watered down PVA glue and a paintbrush to apply it.

They really could not be easier to make. Start off by painting a layer of glue all over the jam jar, then cover the entire area with scraps of orange tissue paper.

Once you have covered all the glass, paint on another layer of glue to smooth all the tissue paper down, and then stick on a second layer of tissue paper. Apply another coating of the glue (this is the third and last!) to seal it all in and smooth it all down.

Finally, stick the bits of black paper in position to form the face, and paint some glue over the top of them to seal.

The finished luminaries are so simple, but look so cool when lit. A great alternative to the traditional pumpkin with the added benefit that they can be reused year after year!

The girls have enjoyed having dinner by flickering candlelight the last couple of days!

Poppet: 2 yrs 9 mos
Little: 1yr 1mos

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